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Master thesis available!

Comparison of methods for measuring ammonia emissions during slurry and digestate application in growing stands

Background: Ammonia, a gaseous compound of nitrogen, is a significant air pollutant, 95% of which originates from agriculture. The most important source of ammonia emissions is manure, especially slurry and digestate application. In order to achieve and evaluate the required reduction targets, it is therefore particularly important to measure fertiliser-induced ammonia emissions in the field. Different measurement methods can be used to measure ammonia emissions from field trials.

Content of the thesis: In the context of a master thesis, a new ammonia measurement method for use in plot experiments is to be experimentally tested and related to the already established measurement methods (e.g. Dräger-Tube method). After a calibration of the devices, a method comparison will be carried out within the BMEL joint project "GülleBest". The results will then be used for the development of a standard method for ammonia emission measurements.

Contact: Dr. Caroline Buchen-Tschiskale, Email:

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